Al and Bev Kiecker

Al Kiecker

Al first picked up a camera while still a youngster living at home and has not put it down since. His first camera was his mother’s Agfa folding camera, his father’s Leica, then a series of Nikon film cameras (and the chemical darkroom) before switching to digital. Although most anything that happens to be in front of his camera may likely become a subject of his photos, he particularly enjoys sports and action photography, night photography of the city lights, and scenics of all sorts. More recently he has been exploring macrophotography and astrophotography subjects.

Bev Kiecker

Bev has been watching her husband take photos since their dating years in the 1970s. After 33 years of marriage and countless hours waiting for Al to finish taking photos, in 2005 Bev decided she should get her first DSLR camera! She enjoys going on road trips looking for that special image to capture with her camera.


Of particular interest to both is the pursuit of visiting and photographing lighthouses. Not only are lighthouses wonderful subjects to photograph, they also have a rich history each with many stories to tell. This website displays many of the lighthouses that they have visited and photographed.

Both are active with the Minnesota Valley Photography Club (MVPC) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). They regularly submit their photos to MVPC monthly salons and international exhibits recognized by PSA.

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