Webster defines a landscape as "a picture representing a view of natural inland scenery". For a nature photograph, a landscape does not contain elements created by man, i.e. "no hand of man". Presented here are landscapes from many locations, particularly national and state parks and other locations dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the land.

A scenic can be thought of as a landscape but with the evidence of human activity, for example a barn or other building in an otherwise beautiful setting.

A cityscape is a "landscape" but taken of a city, especially the skyline of the buildings forming the skyline.

Bev and Al have long been chasing the aurora borealis or northern lights, usually finding that the best forecast of the aurora is how cloudy the sky is. "Nightsky" features photos of the aurora along with landscape astrophotographs of star trails, Milky Way and various astronomical events.

"Along The Shore" are landscapes and scenics where water is a primary feature of the photo.

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